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Hawthorn Consulting Engineers provide building industry consulting services to a wide cross-section of clients including loss adjusters, builders, architects, insurance companies and government authorities. 

Our professional engineering team provides services in the following areas:


Putting it back as it was

Our team provides consulting services for insurance reinstatement projects from the initial Make Safe assessment through to the engineering design of the final reinstatement works.

Make Safe Engineering

Emergency service providing on-site advice and reporting on structural damage following events such as fires, storms and impacts. 

Scopes of Work

Preparation of independent, clear documents, including both structural-only scopes and full scopes of work.

Engineering Reports

Independent, clear and easy-to-understand reporting on damage to existing structures following all kinds of insurable events.

Engineering Design

Preparation of engineering computations and drawings for the reinstatement works following insurable events. Documentation can be provided for both insurance costing purposes, and also for the purposes of obtaining building permits.

Coordination of External Consultants

Our office can arrange for external consultants such as architects, geotechnical engineers, plumbing investigators and building surveyors to assist during the insurance restoration process.

Ongoing Engineering Advice

Site inspections, advice during construction, provision of Certificates of Compliance.


Determining the cause and how to fix it

Our team provides independent, expert advice on all kinds of building issues, utilising our years of industry experience to provide sound, practical recommendations on how they can best be rectified.

Engineers Causation Reports

Site inspections of existing structures to determine the cause of damage and other building issues. Preparation of engineering reports clearly outlining the causes and our recommendations for rectifying the issue.

Further Engineering Consulting

Preparation of Scopes of Work, engineering computations, drawings and other engineering consulting as required as part of the rectification works for forensic engineering projects.

Expert Engineering Reports / VCAT Submissions

Our office can prepare expert engineering reports to assist with VCAT claims and other legal disputes.


Practical, economical engineering designs

Our team provides engineering design services for new constructions in a range of industries. We have provided high-quality engineering documentation for many successful projects over the years.


Structural and civil design and documentation of new residential construction, including additions and alterations.


Structural, civil and roof drainage design and documentation of new commercial construction.


Structural, civil and roof drainage design and documentation of new industrial construction.

Coordination of External Consultants

Our office can arrange for architectural, geotechnical engineering and land surveying services to be carried out as part of new construction projects.


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